All the Glam from last night red carpet, also Cher Billboard Icon Award video!! and Celine Dion´s  performance  and Miley!!! Tell me what do think about the outfits from last night!!

Todo el Glamour de la red carpet de ayer!! También el discurso de Cher, así como el momento en el que cantaron Miley, Celine y Bruno!! Dime cuál es tu outfit favorito de la noche!!

Love them? Hate them? Tell me everything!!! I personally didn’t like Nicole Scherzinger, But Vanessa OMG fenomenal!!!!! Rita Ora not so sure about her look!!

Take a look at Cher´s speech :

71 WHAT? She looks AMAZING!!! Got to loved her, and the part that she talks about her mother, was fav!!! A lot of celebrities and regular people need to learn from this ICON!

Congrats!! Cher we LOVE you!!

Qué tal? ESPECTACULAR Cher!!! La amo con su estilo, se ve excelente a sus 71 años de edad!! se ve mejor que muchas más jóvenes que ella!!

¡Felicidades Cher! ¡ Te amamos!!

Finally we have Celine, Bruno and Miley with SPECTACULAR performances!! Enjoy!

Miley better than ever!!! in love with the song and her fresh look!!! Mejor que nunca Miley con un look súper fresco y natural!

Always one of the best performers!!! BRAVO Bruno!!!!!!!!! What a voice!!! and a great song, Donatella must be happy, we got our summer song right here!! and its not Despacito!!

Pff Buenísima la canción!!! La nueva canción del verano!! y no es reggaeton!!! Bruno uno  de mis favoritos siempre!!!! Ustedes que opinan? Donatella debe estar feliz.




And the last one Celine!!! AMAZING!! 20 years since this song came out!!!

Por último Celine!!! 20 años desde el estreno es esta canción!!! venga Celine!!


what a night!!! tell me what did you think!!

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